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Miss Essie’s Southern BBQ brand is built on keeping authentic home cooked southern cuisine alive. 

The Miss Essie’s BBQ Sauces, Smoked Meats and Seasoning Rubs are part of a 100-year tradition that originates from Arkansas southern style family recipes, which have been passed down through the generations.

Our products are rich with flavor, natural ingredients and embody a truly authentic southern BBQ smokehouse heritage. Our goal is to share the Miss Essie’s tradition and products with our customers, our friends, our families and our neighbors.


“Miss Essie’s is about love, comfort, family and bringing a smile to your face” – Marcus Jones

Miss Essie was born and raised on a farm in Arkansas back when segregation was still practiced. Her father ran the farm, even having a small grocery store on the farm for people to buy produce etc. That is one of the ways he kept his family from working on other plantations. Maintaining the family business was foremost to Miss Essie’s family.

Miss Essie's Best Sellers

Miss Essie's Best Sellers

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