Winter Grilling

Miss Essie

Grilling is not just a summer sport, you can enjoy grilling all-year round if you follow a few simple steps to ensure your winter grilled items come out tasting and cooked, the way you like them. After all, grilled meats are total comfort food in the winter. They are filling, rich and stick to the ribs.

  1. Move that grill (if possible) into a covered area (NOT enclosed) and out of the wind. This will protect it from the elements and assist in keeping the heat as regulated as possible. Be sure you keep your grill away from any combustible materials. Also, keep your grill covered when not in use to protect it from the elements.
  2. Have plenty of extra fuel on hand. Propane and gas will get used differently in the cold, mostly to maintain the grill temperature you are after. Being prepared will reduce the risk of running out and having to change to another cooking method.
  3. Give your grill extra time to warm up. All parts of the grill will be cold and will require a bit more time to heat up, being patient during this process will pay off come cook time.
  4. Be sure you adjust your cooking time. Some foods may take longer to cook properly, use a good meat thermometer to check for the desired doneness.
  5. Be sure you dress for the outdoors! Avoid scarfs or other clothing that may hang and can be a potential hazard. Also wearing heat-resistant gloves will help fight off the cold and ensure you do not get burned.